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Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart You chapter 2

After school. Wer decide to ho shopping and watch movie. We go to the movie theatre. we go into the theatre. we are still choosing the movie that we want to watch. Reina say she want to see paranormal Active II. I am shocked because I through girl don't like horror movie. I still say let watch it because I watch to watch it too. In the movie. I am a little scared because I scarier than I through it will be. I glab on Reina. But Reina not feel scare at all. I am more shocked with it. After the movie.

I say: That was unexpected. scarier than I through. But why did not you feel scare at all?

Reina say: I start to watch Horror movie since 7 year old

*I am totally shocked*

Then, We go to shopping. Reina ask me to buy som much stuff. That make me think she have shopping addiction. She buy some cloth, Jeans and 2 big teddy bear. I carry all the stuff for her. After shopping. We go to Reina's house. I drop down her stuff. She told me to sit down and she cook the dinner. After half and hour. She done cooking. The dinner is some fish, veggie and noodle. I start eat the dinner. We eat and we talk while we eat.

Reina say: You must be shocked about my movie and shopping habit.

I say: I just shcoked little bit. it's okay.

Reina say: That why all my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. I hope you will not broke up with me because of those bad habit.

I say: I won't break up with you because of your bad habit.

Reina say: You such a sweet guy

*My face turn red*

After dinner. We wash dishes. Reina ask me will i stay with her tonight. I reply sure. After cleaning dishes. Reina drive me back to my house and glab my shirt. After we back to Reina house. I take a bath and go to sleep with Reina.

To be contiune

Story by: Hade

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