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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dating with Ji Hae chapter 2

Next Morning. I wake up. Ji Hae call me and ask me to come to her house to sleepover . I answer her okay... I go to school and go to all my class. After school, I go to Ji Hae's house. I go into her house and everyone from Girls day come. First, we start getting all the food out.

Min Ah: Let eat!

I: The food look really yummy... Let eat

We start eating the food... 30 minute later, We finish the food. We playing card game. We play a few round of Big 2... So jin is really good with Big 2. She always win.

Hyeri: Wow... you are good.

Ji Hae: Let do something else

So jin: What about telling ghost story

I: Sure. I love ghost story.

I start to tell the story first. We all tell one story. Each of their story freak all the girl out... After they tell all the story. We decide to go to sleep...

To be continue

Author: DJ HADE
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dating with Ji Hae chapter 1

3 month after the interview with Girls day. I have talking with Ji hae on the phone because we exchange phone number. We hang out for a few time and last time we hand out. She asked me out and I answer yes.... After that. We are in a relationship now.

Back to now. I call her out to have a dinner because it is her birthday. Before I leave I wear a suit. After I finish changing. I go down to the parking lot. Get my car and drive to Ji Hae house. I see her down dress in my really beautiful dress... I go help her open the door. She get in the car. I start drive to the dinning place. 20 minute later. We arrive to the dinning place. We walk to the reception and the waiter being us to the table. We start looking at the menu. 5 minute later. I can the waiter and order our food. We start eating the food.

I say: How is the food?

Ji Hae: It is pretty tasty.

I say: After the dinner. I will show you something and you will be surprise

Ji Hae say: Oh really!?

10 minute later. We finish our dinner. I secretly tell the waiter to being the birthday cake out. After 2 minute. The waiter push out the cart of birthday cake on top of it. She is so surpise and I start to sing happy birthday to Ji Hae. She is really happy and kiss me on the face.

Ji Hae say: Thanks you. I really surprise

I say: you're welcome

The waiter start to cut the cake in piece. We both eat 1 piece. We pack the rest of the cake and pay the bill. I drive Ji Hae back to her house and she give me a goodbye kiss. She back to her house. After that. I back to my house.

To be continue

Author: DJ HADE
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Girls day admin interview Girls day

One day. 5 Girls day luckily get a interview with the Girls day...

DJ HADE: Thanks you for accepting our interview request.... First question. How you girl meet together?
So Jin: We meet together because the company get us together and that how Girls day get together
Loveall5of4: What do you feel about your first bad performance?
Ji Hae: Well, It was bad because a lot of people say bad comment about us. But we will just tell everyone that we will be better and better.
Terysat: what do you think that you are getting popular because of your 2nd and 3rd single?
Yura: We are so happy that we are getting popular because of those 2 single... But first of all because of the forum that you guy make helped a lot of getting people know about us...
Maijiyeon: Do you girl want a world tour?
Hyeri: Yes, We would love to world tour. But we have to be more popular first to have our first tour...
MonsterEna: Ji Hae, I am a big fan of you... I would love to ask... what is your favorite Girls day song?
Ji Hae: First i would love to say Thanks you... My favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle
DJ HADE: I am a fan of you too.... What kinda boy you like?
Ji Hae: I like boy that is really quite, handsome and love to help people.... I think you are one of the boy that is my type...
*My face turn red*
DJ HADE: Well.... Thanks....
Girls day's Manager: That is for today interview...
All the 5Girls day admin: Thanks you

Author: DJ HADE
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DarkWorld: The War With An Ancient Evil Alliance Chapter 2

A few day later. We empty everything and we start moving in the terriory of our enemy. But while I walk I see the mountain and I start to worry about they can come out anywhere and ambrush us all. But this is the only way. So I command all solder watch out for the enemy. After the nightfall. We set up a little camp and We tell at least 20 team of guard to prevent the susprise attack us. Next Morning. We move out of our camp and We merch to their city call "Titan". We didn't waste anytime. We start attacking. 1 hour later. We already control the city because they have really less solder.

"LutoBot. you did good toady"

"Thanks you. But we should stay in the city because if we push. They can ambrush us."

"Yes. that true. So we should defend. After we found a way to counter attack them."

3 day later. The ancient alliance have arrive to the city and surround us. Their Leader's Achilles come out.

"You noob. Just trying to defend and find a way to counter attack. if you dare come out and attack."

"Nah, We just like to defend."

"Grrrr... Attack"

The enemy solder just start to charge to the war and we shoot arrow to them. When they near the wall and they just start to climb the ladder. We shot the arrow and try to get the ladder down. After one of them are on the top of the ladder. Everyone just start fighting on the wall. We fight so fierce. Evening arrived. Both side just start to retreat. We have a lot of man jsut wounder. only have 1500 solder died. We find that they are strong. So we just start to build the wall higher.

To be continue

Story: DJ HADE
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Monday, May 9, 2011

DarkWorld: The War With An Ancient Evil Alliance Chapter 1

Few year later. The Kingdom is peace again. But I been heard the people say that an old alliance from the west mountain region are growing rapidly again. I am afraid that the Alliance will attack us. The Kingdom that is in their alliance is the evil force of My clan, Human clan and Orc Clan.

One day. I decide to invade them to stop them from growing. I send a letter to the leader about that reason why I want to declare war of that Evil Alliance.

Please help me declare war on the Evil Alliance because they are growing rapidly and if they rule the world. The world will be in Chaos. Please accept my request


2 week later. I get the letter from the King. He say he will declare war on the Evil Alliance. Tell me to gather the troop and gather it to the border of the Evil Alliance border. I quickly gather all the troop and March to the border. On the way. I see the Night Elf clan and they ask can they join the alliance. We let them into the alliance.

few day later. We all gather in the border. We have total of 18 mil troop. We decide to make camp and rest for a few day before attacking.

To be continue

Story: DJ HADE
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

BerryZ Koubou Vs C_ute

One day. Saki decide to chellenge C_ute into a match of Soccer. Every Berry's member agree. They go to C_ute room and ask.

"We chellenge C_ute to a match of Soccer"

"Oh this sound fun. You are on"

"See you at the Soccer field today at 3 pm"

3PM. Berry and C_ute arrive to the Soccer field at the same time. Both team prepare and the match is 5 vs 5. Berry team have Saki, Yurina, Miyabi, Risako and Momoko. C_ute go all out because they only have 5 member.

"We will win today"

"Oh yea! Being it on"

We called Reina to be the Judge. She say start and we start playing. We let C_ute start first, C_ute get the first shot and is in. Risako say sorry. But we reply is okay. We get the ball back to center. After that. We attack and defend hard. 1 hour and a half later. The match is ended. The score is 5-4. Berry win

"Good game"

"So much fun today. What we should do next?"

"I think we should do bowling next time"


"We are going home now"


The end

Story: DJ HADE
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DarkWorld: The Raging Orc Chapter 3

As we waiting for the orc attack. Suddenly the reporter that I sent out to get reinforcement comeback.

"The reinforcement will arrive in 2 hour."

"ok. thanks"

Everyone start to cheer up and quickly get ready for battle. A hour later. The orc start to attack and they climb. We shoot our arrow to the orc. The Orc's Ballista and shoot the arrow strike at us. We use fire arrow try to make the Ballista burn. We fight and fight. 2 hour later. The reinforcement come. Their camp is burning and the orc is going panic. They retreat. But we come out and surround them.

"You are stuck now. Just surrender"

"No. We wioll not surrender. Attack"

"Oh well. Charge"

We engaged again. This time we find out their weakness and we fight hard. Quickly a lot of orc surrender. But i see the king still fighting. But don't last long. The king come over to us.

"We surrender."

"Well, Wise choice. We don't need you to step down your throne. We jsut want you to join our alliance to protect the land"

"Are you sure? Thanks you for letting me into the alliance"

We go back to the palace and everyone welcome the orc king. he say that He feel really shame to declare war on us. We tell him that is okay, everyone make mistake. Few day later. Everyone match back to their own land.

The end

Story: DJ HADE
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