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Thursday, May 5, 2011

DarkWorld: The Raging Orc Chapter 3

As we waiting for the orc attack. Suddenly the reporter that I sent out to get reinforcement comeback.

"The reinforcement will arrive in 2 hour."

"ok. thanks"

Everyone start to cheer up and quickly get ready for battle. A hour later. The orc start to attack and they climb. We shoot our arrow to the orc. The Orc's Ballista and shoot the arrow strike at us. We use fire arrow try to make the Ballista burn. We fight and fight. 2 hour later. The reinforcement come. Their camp is burning and the orc is going panic. They retreat. But we come out and surround them.

"You are stuck now. Just surrender"

"No. We wioll not surrender. Attack"

"Oh well. Charge"

We engaged again. This time we find out their weakness and we fight hard. Quickly a lot of orc surrender. But i see the king still fighting. But don't last long. The king come over to us.

"We surrender."

"Well, Wise choice. We don't need you to step down your throne. We jsut want you to join our alliance to protect the land"

"Are you sure? Thanks you for letting me into the alliance"

We go back to the palace and everyone welcome the orc king. he say that He feel really shame to declare war on us. We tell him that is okay, everyone make mistake. Few day later. Everyone match back to their own land.

The end

Story: DJ HADE
I will make a special volume next

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