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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DarkWorld: The Raging Orc Chapter 2

In that night. I am thinking out a plan. suddenly. The king come in and point his figure to the Mountain in the north and he smile at me.

"The Mountain is a clue. i give you"

"Are you thinking to ambrush them there?"

"No, We are going defend the mountain"

"But if we defend in a ground. We will have no water to drink from."

"No. The mountain is full of snow and is winter right now. So we can use the snow to make water."

"I understand"

"Now. you must send some messager to the city and call reinforcement. After the reinforcement come. We will defeat the orc together"

Next day. We move out to the city to the mountain. Orc quickly attack the city and move to the mountain and surround us. They start attacking with their siege and arrow. We throw rock and shoot arrow to them. We have a fierce battle with them. Few hour later. The orc retreat, they have a lot solder wounded and died in the battlefield. We didn't off guard. We set more guard in the night to watch over because they might give us a susprise attack. I go into the king's camp

"You see? sometime you should think more"

"Yes. I see what you trying to do. I should learn from you"

"Nah. I am old and useless. you are young. you just need to read more"

"Yes sir"

Next morning. We eat breakfast and after the breakfast. The orcs is arrive to the front of the mountain and get ready to attack.

To be conutinue

Story: DJ HADE
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