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Saturday, April 23, 2011

DarkWorld: The Raging Orc chapter 1

2 year later. After the war with Undead. One day. Suddenly, A reporter come in and he run into the palace.

"Sir. The Orc move a lot of solder into the border. Look like they want to declare war on us."

"Oh no. the orc are on the move. We will start moving solder to the border to defend too. Please tell the king about it."

"Yes sir"

I quickly gather all the solder and get ready to declare war. A day later, The reporter come again and he face look really serious.

"Did they declare war on us?"

"Yes, they did already. They are charging into our camp and we have a big war with them."

"Who win?"

"It is a tie"

"Ok, go and gather information about their move and plan. Report it to me"

"Yes sir"

I call up all the solder and we gather so quickly. We march to the front line in a day. We rest in the night. Next Morning, we meet the orc.

"We will going destroy the alliance"

"No you won't. We will be the one who destroy you"

"We will see about that. Charge"

"Attack everyone"

Everyone in the battle field start charging to each other. 30 second later. Both side engaged. We fight and fight. But the Orc are so strong and fierce. A hour later. we can't hold them. We retreat to into a city named "Golden".

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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