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Sunday, April 3, 2011

DarkWorld: The Fury Revenge Of The Undead Chapter 4

1 week later. We haven't been battle once because Vlada's army is not coming out from his camp. But in that night. Vlada secretly move his army to 3 mile west into the mountain area and try to use the ground advantage to last stand.

Next day. We move our army to 2 mile to away from Vlada and In that area is a large lake. We put rock to the lake to block it from going to the mountain area. So Vlada's army will be thirst to dead. After we block all their water. We start to attack their camp. But they still fight hard. They throw rock from the cliff and we use Siege to attack the mountain. We have a fierce battle with them. But the mountain give them advantage so we retreat.

"Grrr. The mountain is strong to attack. What should we do?"

"We should wait until they are so thirsty. when they come out we ambush them and defeat Vlada's army"

"Oh yeah! I forget that we block their water link. Let wait"

1 month later. We been attack everyday. But nothing much happen. Our injury have been increase. But I know they are really thirsty and frustrated. 1 day. Vlada lead his army down the hill and our ambush come out and surround them. Both army engaged. But we unexpected that they still can fight. We fight for 4 day 4 night. Finally. We caught Vlada and We behead him. We go back to The king palace.

"We done it again. Thanks to you LutoBot"

"No. Is not just me. We win because everyone help us. Now! I have to go back to my land"

"Bye! my brother Lutobot"

I walk out to the palace and lead my army back to my land. 1 month later. All the village and city that get destroy by Vlada has been repair and The kingdom is peace again

The End

Story by: DJ HADE
Book 3 is coming up

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