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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DarkWorld: The Fury Revenge Of The Undead Chapter 3

At Night. When We are discussing. A spy come in and report to us that where is the undead main city. There main city is located in a little island west of the border. Suddenly, i come up with a plan

"My King let tryout this plan"

"What plan?"

"We can back attack their city, they will retreat, after we take their castle and we surround them"

"Nice plan"

We secretly send a 100,000 solder to attack the castle is lead by me. The king will hold rest of the undead. 2 day later, I arrive to the Undead city and surround them. On the other side. Vlada heard the news. He try to retreat. But The king already surround them.

Back to this side. They are waiting for us in outside of the city. We engage them and quickly we defeat their army. We chase after them into the city. They didn't close their gate fast enough. So we are in their city. 20 minute later. We take over their city. Next day. We quickly sail back to main land. 2 day later, We gather together and ready to defeat Vlada's army.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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