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Saturday, March 19, 2011

DarkWorld: The Fury Revenge Of The Undead Chapter 2

When the king in the palace. I let the king sit on the chair. I sit the chair beside the king. We are starting to discuss our plan to against the undead. We decide to meet the undead on the battlefield again. We must avoid the Undead surround us because if we get surrounded the people in the city will have no more food. So we decide to fight with them head on.

Next day. Both army meet on the battlefield again. We didn't say anything. we just hit the drum and charge. 30 second later. Both army engage and everyone start transform into vampire and warewolf. The Undead have the advantage first. But later on we find some of their weakness and we turn over the battle. They call retreat. We chase after them for a few mile and we retreat. We back to the city.

"Good job! We fought a good battle with them"

"I think so"

"We should hit them give them a surprise attack tonight"

"Yeah! Let Prepare for tonight"

When the sun go down. We already prepare everything and waiting for them to rest. After midnight. They all go to sleep. We charge to the camp. We set the camp on fire. Everyone go panic. half hour later. they all run away. We chase them 2 mile and we set a camp on a place call "Butterfly Hill" and undead set their camp 2 mile west of us.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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