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Friday, February 11, 2011

Morning Musume party

One day. Ai-Chan want to have a party over at her house. She call everyone in the Morning Musume. 7:00 pm, everyone come to Ai-chan house. In the table, there have a lot of food and drink.

"What you girls want to do first?"


"Ok. Let dig in"

Everyone go to the table and start to grab some food and eat. They tell Ai-chan that the food is yummy. Ai-chan is so happy because she cook the food. After the food. Risa want to play card game and Mizuki suggest they should play Big two. The Girls play for a few round and Reina and Kanon win a lot. After the game.

"I want to sing"

"Ok! Riho"

Everyone start to sing. They sing a lot of song. first song they sing is Shounganai Yume oibito. After they sing 3 song. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, Naichau Kamo and Seishun Collection. They have so much fun singing all the song. After the singing. It is so night. Everyone get so sleepy and they tell Ai-chan that they are going home.


"Everyone! See you tomorrow"

Everyone leave the house, Ai-chan clean up the mess. Then, Take a shower, she so sleepy and fall at sleep right away.

Story by: DJ HADE
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