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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 1

Long time ago. God of Chaos Eros was declare war on the Human world tried to being the world into a Chaos. But the Allies that formed by Ocean Army that lead by Poseidon, Olympus army that lead by Zeus and Titan army that lead by the 12 titan god. But they fail to defeat the Chaos army. But Hade and his underworld army went to the human world to help the allies to stop the Chaos army. But the Chaos army was so strong pushed the underworld army to the edge of Human World. But the underworld still stayed strong and fought for the human. But at last who won? Let find out. But first we will flash back to 10 year before when first underworld declare war on Chaos and help them human world.

10 year before. The Allies was still on war with Chaos army. I through they can win. Suddenly. A reporter came into the palace.

"The Allies have been defeated by the Chaos army."

"What! No way" I stood up

"It is true! my Lord"

"Oh no! let gather all the solder and go help the human world"

After a few hour. We gathered all the solder. We had around 400,000 solder and we took the path call "Human path" to enter the human world. When we were out of the path. We saw the chaos army and both army were ready for a fierce battle. Suddenly. Eros walked to the front of them army.

"Where is Hade"

"I am here"

"Why are you helping the Allies and the Human?"

"Because I don't like to be evil." I point my sword to Eros

"But everyone think you are evil"

"So what! I don't care what people think about me. I will defeat you and your army and Proof to everyone that i am not evil! Attack everyone!"


Both army charged toward each other. When both army engaged the fierce battle started. Everyone swing their sword and spear tried to kill their enemy. Every minute passed by one solder die. A few hour later. The ground is full of dead man and we can't held them anymore. They were too strong. We retreated to the first country of the human world. That country called "Greek". We lose 50 000 solder. I sent a solder back to the underworld to get reinforcement.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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