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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 2

3 day later. The reinforcement arrived and now we total have 1.5 mil of solder. I decided to set a trap to defeat them. I set two group of solder to the mountain and when they went through their we shoot arrow at them and ambush them there. But I let the solder take rest first and I sure we will defeat the Chaos army tomorrow.

Next Morning. Both Army met in the battlefield again. I talk with Eros. We just charged at each other. We fought for a short while. I called retreat and everyone started to fake running. After I passed mountain. The solder I set in the mountain yesterday. Started shooting. But Eros got me and send some solder attacked the mountain and most of the solder are dead on the battle and a little solder ran back to me. We went back to the camp and Eros retreat his solder too.

"How much we lose?"

"4000 solder die and 2000 injured"

"Grrrr. I will win next time. We will retreat 4 mil from here"

We retreat for 4 mil and When we are near "Troy". I decided to settle in the city for defend and around troy there have no mountain so both side can fight fair. No trap, No set up. I command the solder to build defend in the beach around "Troy" for prevent Chaos army attack by Sea side. A day later. Chaos army moved 1 mil north of us. Prepare for next battle.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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