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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 3

At Night. I can't sleep. I still try to figure a plan out. Suddenly I got a idea that can stop Chaos Army. The plan is request the Time Army lead by Chronos, Earth army lead by Gaia and The Allies. Attack at all 4 way. North, West, East and South. But First I need pretend that we can't fight with the Chaos army and we retreat to the edge of the human world. I decided to wrote a letter to both 3 side.

Sorry to give you a bad news. We can't hold them just the underworld army. They are strong and fierce. I need all 3 of your side to attack by North, West, Easy and I attack from South. First I have to pretend to retreat to the edge of the human world for a 4 way attack. But I know last time The Allies base is almost destroy. How long The Allies need to restore? which army will take each side? reply to me. Hade

I sent a solder to give letter to all 3 side leader. While. I was waiting for them to reply. I kept defending hard to Troy. On Other side. Both 3 leader saw the letter and discuss it.

"The Allies need around 9 year to restore. So i hope the underworld can hold them for 9 year"

"Time army will take the west to hold them and wait for the allies"

"Earth army will take them in east"

"After we restore our power and we will finish them in north together"

Zeus write a lettle to reply.

Hade! I know underworld army can't hold for any longer. But The allies need 9 year to restore. But Earth army will take Easy and Time army will take the west and at last I will take the north and finish them. Hold them hard in the south. I trust you Hade! Your brother Zeus

They told the solder to go back with the letter to Hade side. 2 day later. I saw the letter. I not that surprise to see the allies at least 9 year to restore. So we decide to retreat to Jerusalem. But the chaos army chase up really fast. But they split into three army because of Time and Earth army is coming to help us so we have less pressure to whole them army. At this time.We got reinforcement that led by the 3 general in Underworld Minos, Rhadamanthus and Aeacus. They gathered at least 10 mil solder and both other side have around 12 mil solder. So i sure we can hold them for 9 year for sure.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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