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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 4

2 year later. We been fought hard with Chaos army in Jerusalem. I decide to retreat two more time to get the plan work. I retreated the army to "Unayzah" at the center of middle east to try defend in there for 2 more year than after that the last 6 year we will defend them in a city call "Salalah". Time army retreated to "Hafar Al Batin" and Earth army retreated to "Kuba". The Chaos army moved so fast and conquer the most of the human world. The spy came and report to me

"Chaos army's camp is really strong. But the solder and the hero is start to think that we are weak"

"This is good. They starting to put the guard down. They don't notice we are up to something. Keep spying on them. Anything news come back and report to me"

"Yes sir"

I decided to sent a letter to underworld. To tell them to set up a camp in "Salalah" for the last defend. A few day. Later, the camp was set. The leader of that army was the two greatest hero and the queen in Underworld "Persephone", "Hypnos" and "Thanatos". They being all the solder for the last defend. Total 25 mil. if they gather the solder. they will have 37 mil solder that can last for 6 year for sure. We battled in "Unayzah" everyday for the next 2 year.

After 2 year. We retreated to "Salalah". Time army retreated to "Sana" and Earth army retreated to "Masqat" for the last stop. Chaos army set 3 group in north 1 mile of us. The west chaos army set their camp in "Muaskar Al Murafa" the distance of Earth army is around 4 mile and East Chaos army set their camp in "Tila" is around distance of Time army is around 2 mile. The last battle almost begin

Story by: Hade
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