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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 5

1800 BC, we been defend in salalah already 2 year. We been fought hard. We been fought hard. We don't really won a lot. But each win chaos army lose a lot. But this time my plan make them lose even more solder. my plan is gave some fake news to the chaos army. we will retreat to the underworld and they will attack our camp. But when they will find out that no one in the camp and suddenly, We will appear in all four way. At last they will have a big lose

March.18.1800 BC. The chaos army invaded our camp and when they inside the camp and found no one is in the camp, Eros already found something not right. When they were about to retreat. Suddenly, we appear and surround them. The Chaos army charged at us and surrounded chaos army. The Chaos army charged at us tried to ran back to their camp. We fought and fought. Half hour later. we let them retreated on purpose because we will finish them when The Allies are ready. The next. A spy report in.

"They lose over 100,000 solder and have 10000 injured."

"Good job guys! Any reinforcement?"

"Yes! Only 200,000 they through they still can win"

"Are they sure? hahaha"

Suddenly a solder from The Allies came in

"Lord Hade! The Allies is restore 50% now. So we set an army to the battlefield. There around 12 mil is lead by lord Poseidon. Lord Zeus want to tell you that they will keep sending solder to battlefield. After they gather 45 mil and we will destroy them together."

"Where you guys camp?"

"Our camp is at As Sulayyil."

"Tell my brother that I will wait for time to defeat them"

The solder walked out. I was feel so much better. Suddenly, A solder came in and report to me.

"They move 13 mil to north. They camp at 4 mile south at the Allies"

"How much they left in the camp"

"Around 36-39 mil"

"Ok! They just have 2 time more than us. I sure that I will make them lose that 2 mil solder. Eros! You such a idiot." I laughing out so loud

Our reinforcement was here. They being 1.5 mil solder that lead by Tartarus the ex-king of underworld and now the king of the deepest part of Underworld. Now we total have 38.5 mil solder. Now, Our distance is tight to 0.5 mil. We were ready to destroy them badly.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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