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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos Army Chapter 6

After a year. We won another big war once again. This time my plan was surprise attack them. when it is night and everyone will sleeping and wake up with no armor and we can push them back at last 6 mile to ready for our 4 way attack.

On may 181.BC. At Night, We charged inside to Chaos army camp and started to set fire. 5 minute later, The Chaos solder was confused and I saw the solder were running around really scare with no armor on. We kept attack. Suddenly, The Chaos army blow the horn and everyone retreat"

"Don't chase after them. Retreat!"

We retreat to the camp with 60 000 surrender solder and food that we steal. We were so happy and I didn't let anyone to throw a party because we didn't defeat the chaos army yet. Suddenly, A Spy came in.

"They retreated 8 mile away. They lose over 500,000 solder. They have 400,00 for reinforcement."

"Pretty good"

A minute later. An Allies solder came in.

"Lord Zeus say that you did a pretty good job."

"Thanks you. How is your restore status?"

"We restore a big half and our reinforcement have around 26 mil that lead by the Titan gods. Now, They total of 38 mil."

"Ok! you can go now"

"yes! Lord Hade" The solder walked out

I was so happy to heard the news and i moved my army to 6 mile south of Chaos army. i put the new reinforcement solder in Salalah. There around 400,000 solder lead by Tartarus. Just 1 more year and we can defeat them.

Story by: DJ HADE
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