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Monday, May 9, 2011

DarkWorld: The War With An Ancient Evil Alliance Chapter 1

Few year later. The Kingdom is peace again. But I been heard the people say that an old alliance from the west mountain region are growing rapidly again. I am afraid that the Alliance will attack us. The Kingdom that is in their alliance is the evil force of My clan, Human clan and Orc Clan.

One day. I decide to invade them to stop them from growing. I send a letter to the leader about that reason why I want to declare war of that Evil Alliance.

Please help me declare war on the Evil Alliance because they are growing rapidly and if they rule the world. The world will be in Chaos. Please accept my request


2 week later. I get the letter from the King. He say he will declare war on the Evil Alliance. Tell me to gather the troop and gather it to the border of the Evil Alliance border. I quickly gather all the troop and March to the border. On the way. I see the Night Elf clan and they ask can they join the alliance. We let them into the alliance.

few day later. We all gather in the border. We have total of 18 mil troop. We decide to make camp and rest for a few day before attacking.

To be continue

Story: DJ HADE
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