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Thursday, May 5, 2011

BerryZ Koubou Vs C_ute

One day. Saki decide to chellenge C_ute into a match of Soccer. Every Berry's member agree. They go to C_ute room and ask.

"We chellenge C_ute to a match of Soccer"

"Oh this sound fun. You are on"

"See you at the Soccer field today at 3 pm"

3PM. Berry and C_ute arrive to the Soccer field at the same time. Both team prepare and the match is 5 vs 5. Berry team have Saki, Yurina, Miyabi, Risako and Momoko. C_ute go all out because they only have 5 member.

"We will win today"

"Oh yea! Being it on"

We called Reina to be the Judge. She say start and we start playing. We let C_ute start first, C_ute get the first shot and is in. Risako say sorry. But we reply is okay. We get the ball back to center. After that. We attack and defend hard. 1 hour and a half later. The match is ended. The score is 5-4. Berry win

"Good game"

"So much fun today. What we should do next?"

"I think we should do bowling next time"


"We are going home now"


The end

Story: DJ HADE
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