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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Girls day admin interview Girls day

One day. 5 Girls day luckily get a interview with the Girls day...

DJ HADE: Thanks you for accepting our interview request.... First question. How you girl meet together?
So Jin: We meet together because the company get us together and that how Girls day get together
Loveall5of4: What do you feel about your first bad performance?
Ji Hae: Well, It was bad because a lot of people say bad comment about us. But we will just tell everyone that we will be better and better.
Terysat: what do you think that you are getting popular because of your 2nd and 3rd single?
Yura: We are so happy that we are getting popular because of those 2 single... But first of all because of the forum that you guy make helped a lot of getting people know about us...
Maijiyeon: Do you girl want a world tour?
Hyeri: Yes, We would love to world tour. But we have to be more popular first to have our first tour...
MonsterEna: Ji Hae, I am a big fan of you... I would love to ask... what is your favorite Girls day song?
Ji Hae: First i would love to say Thanks you... My favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle
DJ HADE: I am a fan of you too.... What kinda boy you like?
Ji Hae: I like boy that is really quite, handsome and love to help people.... I think you are one of the boy that is my type...
*My face turn red*
DJ HADE: Well.... Thanks....
Girls day's Manager: That is for today interview...
All the 5Girls day admin: Thanks you

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