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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DarkWorld: The War With An Ancient Evil Alliance Chapter 2

A few day later. We empty everything and we start moving in the terriory of our enemy. But while I walk I see the mountain and I start to worry about they can come out anywhere and ambrush us all. But this is the only way. So I command all solder watch out for the enemy. After the nightfall. We set up a little camp and We tell at least 20 team of guard to prevent the susprise attack us. Next Morning. We move out of our camp and We merch to their city call "Titan". We didn't waste anytime. We start attacking. 1 hour later. We already control the city because they have really less solder.

"LutoBot. you did good toady"

"Thanks you. But we should stay in the city because if we push. They can ambrush us."

"Yes. that true. So we should defend. After we found a way to counter attack them."

3 day later. The ancient alliance have arrive to the city and surround us. Their Leader's Achilles come out.

"You noob. Just trying to defend and find a way to counter attack. if you dare come out and attack."

"Nah, We just like to defend."

"Grrrr... Attack"

The enemy solder just start to charge to the war and we shoot arrow to them. When they near the wall and they just start to climb the ladder. We shot the arrow and try to get the ladder down. After one of them are on the top of the ladder. Everyone just start fighting on the wall. We fight so fierce. Evening arrived. Both side just start to retreat. We have a lot of man jsut wounder. only have 1500 solder died. We find that they are strong. So we just start to build the wall higher.

To be continue

Story: DJ HADE
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