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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dating with Ji Hae chapter 2

Next Morning. I wake up. Ji Hae call me and ask me to come to her house to sleepover . I answer her okay... I go to school and go to all my class. After school, I go to Ji Hae's house. I go into her house and everyone from Girls day come. First, we start getting all the food out.

Min Ah: Let eat!

I: The food look really yummy... Let eat

We start eating the food... 30 minute later, We finish the food. We playing card game. We play a few round of Big 2... So jin is really good with Big 2. She always win.

Hyeri: Wow... you are good.

Ji Hae: Let do something else

So jin: What about telling ghost story

I: Sure. I love ghost story.

I start to tell the story first. We all tell one story. Each of their story freak all the girl out... After they tell all the story. We decide to go to sleep...

To be continue

Author: DJ HADE
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