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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hade and his valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos army chapter 7

1 year later. The Allies is now fully restore from the big defeat. Zeus send me a letter about is time to finish the war. He wrote

Now. We will finish them in 3 month. Even their power is weaken. But they still strong. We will chase them to the Chaos Dimension and destroy their total power and after we catch Eros. We will throw him into the Tartarus. We will gather in "Hail" and enter the Chaos dimension together. Your brother Zeus

I decided push them into the "Hail" in 3 day. At that night. we attacked their camp and they still really off guard. They were unexpected that and they started retreat and we chase them for 3 day and when we arrived to "Hail". All their solder from all4 way are gather and all we all gather too. Eros decide to last stand in "Hail"

"We will have a touch battle in here"

"No. i think we can push them back to the chaos dimension in 1 day."

"What your plan Hade?"

"We will send some spy into the city and open the gate for us"

"Hade. you are smart" Zeus laugh

At that night. We sent some spy into the city and a few minute. They opened the gate and we charged inside to the city. The solder were unexpected that too. Eros decide to retreat to the Chaos dimension. But before they closed the portal. All our solder were inside in the Chaos Dimension. We surround the Chaos city and got ready for our last battle.

Story by: DJ HADE
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