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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hade and his valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos army chapter 8

A few day later. We still fought. But we didn't finish them because they defend the city hard. But I know they will out of food soon and they will be surrender soon. So we kept attacking. The arrow shoot down and the stone. We tried to climb to the wall and open the gate. After the battle. Eros send a message to Zeus. On the letter he wrote

I call up a peace . Please forgive me for thing I do. I am jsut trying to be the king of all Gods. I will be one the Allies and protect the world. i am really sorry. Eros

"Don't trust him. But we open a little party for Eros's messager and if he bring a knife. it mean he is trying to kill you and when you die, we will be have no more leader and they turn over."

"Ok. I trust you"

We let the messager drink and eat. 15 minute later. Suddenly, I command some solder to caught the solder, search his shirt and the solder found a knife in his pocket.

"Behead him. Youa re right Hade. They are up to something"

"Yes. i notice that in the beginning."

"Gather Everyone we are attacking again"

We had 2 fierce battle in that day. Chaos army lose even more solder. But we still can't charge into their city. the war contiune.

Story by: DJ HADE
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