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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hade and his valkyrie underworld army save the world from Chaos world chapter 9

3 month later. We still haven't destroy the chaos army yet. But I know they already out of food because the solder in the city started to run to us. If we kept like that we can conquer the city and the whole thing will end. One day. We were in the battlefield and the solder were fighting at the wall. But I notice that some of the solder manager to got to the gate and opened the gate. We all charged inside to the city and a hour. We finally caught Eros.

"Eros. I am throwing you to Tartarus"

"Please No"

"You do such a bad thing and still hope we can save you. The Answer is no" I open the a portal to Tartarus and threw Eros into the Portal

"Let go back to mount Olympus"

A few day alter. We arrived to mount Olympus. We announce that The Allies now call the"The Great Allies" and give the king position to me.

"Brother Zeus. you can't do that. The Great Allies still need you"

"But you defeat Chaos army because of your plan"

"No! Because of your leadership too. I more like to stay in the quite underworld with my people"

"Ok! You will be the sub leader then."

2 day later. I decide to went back to the underworld. I march the army back to the underworld and we have peace forever. Our story still been tell by everyone.

The End

Thanks you for reading

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