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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ninja Girl Chapter 5

At the last chapter. "Tanaka" Clan is start to invade Shimogaki. The girls go help "Shimogaki" clan out. Let find out. How the story will end. let continue

2 day later. The war is started. We were have 1 more day arrive to "Fukui". we kept riding and riding. Finally at afternoon. we arrived to "Fukui". We decided to attack at night. We all took a rest first.

At Night. We were all ready. We secretly called some spy to sneak to the city and wait for the signal. In midnight. We hit the jump and we attack. We climbed they wall. The rock flying down and the arrow is shooting at us. half hour later, the spy had opened the door.

"Attack the city at once"

We all run into the gate. A hour later, All the solder surrender and We rest for a day. At morning. We went to the battlefield from behind. On Other side. After "Tanaka" clan heard the news. They started to panic and started to retreat to the west and Madako-san heard that we attacked their village. she was really happy and told all solder to chase after them.

"Tanaka" Clan ran for a day. After they went into a mountain call "Snake Mountain" and they are trapped in the mountain. We surrounded them. We battle for few time. But they still strong. So we decided to plan a surprise attack to defeat the "Tanaka" Clan. We waited for the day. In Night. We being all the solder to their camp. We started shooting fire arrow. They shoot back and We saw them have many enemy solder died.

"Madoka-san is time to attack"

"Yes! Charge"

All the solder smashed the gate and we were inside their camp. We set fire and we had a fierce battle with them. After 30 minute. They are defeat. The clan leader is dead and everyone is surrender.

We went back to the palace and Madoka-san are so happy about it and we pay a lot of money to us. We walked out the palace, we went to a small village and live there forever.

The end

Story by: DJ HADE
Thanks for reading this story

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