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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ninja Girl chapter 4

At the last time. They gather information for Shimogaki. Then, Shimogaki Madoka call The girl back to "Edo" to wait for next mission. Now back to the story

After a few day. We were at the Shimogaki palace and the leader wanted to see us. Suddenly, A spy came in and told us that

"Leader! The enemy is starting to invade us. they are at our border now"

"Faster than I expect. Girls will you help me. If you girls stop them, I pay a lot of that last you forever"

"Thanks you. we can stop being a ninja and always in danger"

"Here is the plan. My army will defend the front. while we are fighting sneak to their capital "Fukui". After you girls, is captured the city. They will retreat in the midway we will surround them and we will defeat "Tanaka" clan"

"Yes Ma,am"

We went gather this solder and we had around 200,000 solder. In the Afternoon. Madoka-san lead her solder into the battlefield.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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