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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ninja Girl Chapter 3

At last time. They are in the join the Tanaka clan Palace Guard team for gather information for Shimogaki clan. Now is time to back to the story.

At the night came. They secretly go into the palace and try to found some information about what kinda weapon they have and how much gold they have. We splited up to 3 team. Hirano and Yoshii team up to found out how much weapon, Sayaka and Umika to found out how much gold and Uki go found out how much food. We counted them and we met back together before morning.

"How much food they have?"

"The food they have can last for 4 year"

"How much weapon they have?"

"They get a lot of Fire power"

"How much money they have?"

"They have 80 000 000 gold"

"Look like they are going to trying to conquer the whole Japan"

"Let report back to Lady Madoka"


Uki sent Yoshii back to "Edo" to report to Madoka. We stayed there to recive our next mission. 3 day later. Yoshii was arrived in Shimogaki Palace to report to Madoka.

"What information you girl gather"

"I found that they have a lot of FirePower. The food can last them for 4 year and at least 80mil"

"Oh no. They are growing stronger. But We still can have fight with them. I hope that we are prepare before they start invade the whole Japan and stop them from taking over the whole Japan."

"what is our mission?"

"Get the girls out of Fukui and come back to the city first."

"Yes Ma'am"

Madako ordered the maid gave them and she went back to Fukui. 3 day later. She arrived to "Fukui" and after they knew the news and all went back to "Edo"

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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