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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Natsu Festival

My name is Shimizu Saki. Natsu festival is happen today. I call up some friend to go to the festival with me. At 7. They are at my house. Their name is Miyabi Natsuyaki, Maasa Sudo and Yurina Kumai. We walked to the festival place.

"Wow. So many people"

"We should do the paper net fishing first" Everyone run to the counter

After everyone get a net and start fishing. Paper net fishing is so hard to play. My net broke 3 time. But at last. I still catch a fish. I happily walk away

"We should get water balloon next"

We all go to the water balloon place. Everyone buy one. After, we see a mask counter. We see the mask is so cool. I buy one and wearing it. While we walking, we see a lot of yummy food

"Let get some food"

"Sure! Miyabi"

Everyone go to the food counter and I buy a Cotton candy, Miyabi buy a box of sushi and Maasa buy a cotton candy. We find a place to sit and eating the food.

"Oh man! It is so good"

"The sushi is great"

"The festival is going close soon. Let go home"

We walk to home. After I went to home. I take a shower, I am so sleepy and go to sleep

The End

Story by: DJ HADE
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