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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ninja Girl Chapter 2

In the last chapter. Their mission fail and they are in danger. Let find out as the story continue.

Back to the story. They already killed a lot of guard. But is still too many guard.

"Girls. Let kill the leader first and jump to the wall and escape"

"Yea. That are good plan"

They jumped into the wall and move toward to the leader and they threw a flying knife to the clan leader head and hitted her her and she fell down. Everyone started panic. We jumped through the wall and went back to Shimogaki city "Edo". We saw the clan leader Madoke Shimogaki

"Girls! Good job" She order a maid to hand us the money

"Thanks you for the money"

"Can I request you stay here help me out?


"Because their have a evil clan called "Tanaka" is west of us and have a lot of power. so we need a lot of professional people help me out to defeat them. I will pay you girls a lot of money"

"We will stay"

"I going to give you a mission. Gather information for me. I want to know how strong is Tanaka clan. Their clan leader name is Tanaka Erika. Becareful girl. I need you girls"

"We will be fine." They dashed out the window

We went to our hideout first. Got some change and pack up for our thing. 2 day later. They arrived to "Tanaka" clan main city "Fukui". We booked a hotel first and then apply for palace guard position for gathering information for Shimogaki clan.

To be continue.

Story by: DJ HADE
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