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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ninja Girl Chapter 1

Long time ago. In Japan, A ninja group formed by 5 girl. Their name is Satake Uki, Umika Kawashime, Kanen Yoshii, Murata Hirano and Nishiwaki Sayaka. Their group name is 9nine. They work for the people who hire them.

Year of 1533. We got hired by Shimogaki clan. Their clan leader named Shimogaki Madoka. She requested us to kill Kato clan leader "Kato Rubi". We went to the Kato clan's capital "Osaka". We booked a hotel and we stayed in the room and discuss about the plan.

"We should do the mission on March.15. I know she will be holding a festival. we can set a fire, Make everyone run around and scream, We go in and kill the clan leader" Everyone agree with Uki's Plan

On March.15.1533. We went into the palace and set some fire. Everyone started to run and scream. We saw the clan leader. We chase after her. We surrounded her. But suddenly the guard surrounded us.

"I know you girl was here the whole time. So I came up with this plan."

"Uki! What should we do?"

"We should retreat"

The Guard ran to us trying to caught us. We fought our way out. But there too many guard. We were going out of breath. It was getting tired when each minute pass by.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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