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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little date with Uki

One day! It is after school and I ask her for a little date. She accept my request. I am so happy

"Alvin, where do you want to go?"

"I am being you to the Disneyland first"

"I love disneyland" I Grabbed on Uki's hand start walking to the bus stop

When we are at the bus stop. The bus just arrive. we go onto the bus. I feel lucky because when we arrive to the bus stop and the bus just come. After a hour. we arrive to Disneyland

"Uki! What do you want to play first?"

"I want to play roller coaster"

We walk to the roller coaster. We wait for 4-5 minute. We get on the roller coaster and I scream the whole thing and i see Uki really enjoy it. After the ride is done. I start throw up

"Alvin! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I jsut scare of roller coaster."

"Sorry! I should not say to play roller coaster"

"Uki, No problem"

"We should play some counter game"

We walk to a counter game. the game is throw a ring to a pole and we start playing. 3 of the ring get in. We win a big teddy bear and I gift it to Uki!

"We should go eat next"

"I am hungry"

We take a taxi and half hour later and we are in the shopping mall. we go into a sushi restaurant. We looked at the menu. 1 minute later. we order the food. While we waiting

"Alvin! Thansk you for the date. I have so much fun."

"You're welcome" My face turn red

"We should go out more. By the way. Can you be my boyfriend"


Suddenly! The food arrive. We start to eat. After 20 minute. We done our food. We pay our bill. We walk out from the restaurant.

"Alvin! let go home"


We holding hand and walk to the bus stop. We go on the bus. After 10 minute. The bus is at our stop. I walk Uki to her house.

"See you tomorrow Uki."

"Bye! Alvin"

After 5 minute. I am back to my house. After I am back to my house. I think what happen today and A little bit later. I fall at sleep

The end

Story by: DJ HADE
If you like it. Please like this link. DJ HADE the writer

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