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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DarkWorld: The Fury Revenge Of The Undead Chapter 1

A few year later. One day, In a village of the border of Lutobot's kingdom. A bunch of Ship approched the port of the village. Suddenly, A bunch of Undead army come out and they start attacking the village. Everyone start to run and the undead army is killing everyone. Only a few of them manage to escape. A few day alter. At Lutobot's palace. A reporter come in.

"The Undead are back and they just slayed a village a few day ago"

"I know they will be back. Gather everyone. Contact the leader"

"yes sir"

After a few hour. They gather over 200 000 solder and the go to the front. In the main time. Undead army ragging to slay every village in the way. A 2 day later, They meet in the first city in the border region. Lutobot's army is inside the city. Next day, Both army meet. Vlada come in front of them army

"I swear I will destroy you"

"I won't lose to you. If I lsoe the world will be in Chaos again. I can't let that happen. Attack!"

Everyone charged to each other. A minute later, They engage in the center of battle field. The Undead is so fury. I am really unexpect. But we keep fighting hard. But we can't hold them any longer. I call retreat. Everyone run into the ciity. The gate close. The guard on the wall starting shooting arrow at the undead. A few minute later, Vlada call back the solder.

"I never know they are this strong"

"Yeah, This is really unexpected"

"We should wait for the King's army and we fight again"


A reporter come in.

"They are on the way. they will be here in tomorrow"


At the next day morning. The king's army come to the city. Everyone start cheering. The king and his noble come to the palace.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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