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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DarkWorld: The Rising revolution Chapter 4

When we are in the castle. We quickly get the guard panic and we charged to the palace fast. But Vlada's army are in front of the Palace. We decide to charge to Vlada's army. i can tell we can wi the this time. Both army engaged. We fight so fierce and everyone is really aggrssive to Vlada's army. After 2 hour, they can't fight any longer. Then, They run off and we go inside to the Palace. we kill all the Undead Noble. But Vlada run away quickly. We can't catch Vlada.

"Lutobot, You did a good job leading us. You are a our leader now"

"No. I don't deserve to be the leader. You are the leader now, my king."

"But... okay"

"I am going back to my country now. Good luck with your country. Brother LutoBot"


The King's army retreat his army back to their place. At this time. On Vlada's ship. We escape with some of his noble. He is so mad.

"I will come back and destroy the whole Vampire clan and Warewolf clan. I will be back with my new Fury and fierce army. I will make them cry and scream."

back to Lutobot side. He starting to give job to everyone that help him and he used 2 month to restore his kingdom and he bulid a lot of city and he make Vampire and Warewolf clan famous.

The end

Story by: DJ HADE
Book 2 is coming up

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