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Monday, March 14, 2011

DarkWorld: The Rising Revlution Chapter 3

"Welcome to the palace, LutoBot. Are you trying to tell us to help you?"


"I was about to contact you to rebel them, i have enough with them"

"Thanks you!"

"you're welcome, After the war I let you become the new Alliance leader"

"Yes sir"

The king quickly gather everyone. We have now gather over a 1 mil solder. We decide to split in 2 way to attack their castle. Each of us lead 500,000 solder. We are attacking from the forest and the Human attack from the sea. 3 day later. We arrived to the forest and the undead solder is in front of the forest. Everyone transform to warewolf and vampire. We charged to the undead solder. we fight. 30 minute later, We quick deafeat their army and we camp in 2 mile of the castle and We meet with the human.

"This is it"

"Yea, i sure we will win this time."

Next day, We starting to attack the castle, They shoot arrow on us and their army charged. We have a big war. But it is unbelievable that the Vlada's army is really touch. I never know that Vlada can fight. We fight for a day. Evening, Both army retreat.

"This is really unexpected that Vlada's army is this strong"

"yea, we need a plan."

"Let try to quietly attack the castle during the dark"

"yes. That plan definitely work"

Next night. When is midnight. We send some spy into the wall quietly and they go to the gate and open the gate. We charge into the castle.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE

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