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Thursday, March 10, 2011

DarkWorld: The Rising Revlution Chapter 2

The Human noble come in and they being in the treasure chest with Coin inside it. They put down on the ground and open it one by one. Suddenly, Vlada start to talk

"We need more man sent to your ground because we have to defend orc and night elf clan invadion"

"No, my lord we are not your dog, we can take them ourself"

"How dare you say that to me" Vlada grabbed The human lord neck, crash his head to explode.

The other Human lord and lady are scare. they beg for mercy and Vlada let them go. After the meeting, Sonja go to meet LutoBot in a secret where they always meet. They do something that I can't post. After a while, they starting to talk

"LutoBot, I thinking to start a rebellion against my father because I start to feel that he is a mean ruler."

"I want to rebel. But are you sure you will help me?"

"Yes! I will help you"

"Ok! Get all the key and get them to jail and I will use my warewolf and Vampire ability to give command to the warewolf and vampire that in the forest"

"What time we will do that"

"We are going to do it tomorrow"

"Sure. what the signal?"

"The signal will be the city burning"


We go back to the city. Sonja go to her chamber and I go back to my bed. Next day, Sonja sneak into the jail and release everyone and tell them to burn the city. On other side. I go to the forest and take off the thing that control me. I turn into a warewolf, but i am special I have a wing on my back because i am a mix. All the vampire and warewolf come out and I roar. All the other scare of me and start to listen to me. Suddenly, I see the city is burning and we charge into the city wall. The solder is shooting at us. I see everyone shoot down 1 by 1. But we still have more. We are near the city wall and Everyone jump up. All the solder start getting the sword and we start fighting. After a few minute all the solder start panic. They start to retreat. We chase them to the mountain. They get ambush everywhere.

"Sonja, you traitor. Our servant is a spy of mine. So I know you are going to betray me"

"Sorry, Lutobot i never know that she is a spy"

"Its okay! Retreat"

We fight our way out. We go hide inside the forest. Vlada retreat his army to the city and I teach the people that awaken to back to their human form and everyone successfully done it. We plan we are going to ask help from the human. We decide to travel to the human's city. We walk about a week and at last we arrive to the city. I go into the Human's palace. I see all the human's noble and the king.

Note: LutoBot's mother is from Warewolf clan and his father is from Vampire clan

Story: DJ HADE

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