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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haru Festival

One day in March. In Tokyo, there have a festival call Spring Festival. Sayumi decide to call Airi to go to the festival with her. 7:00pm. They meet up at Akihabara and walk to the place that where the festival is.

In the festival. there have a lot of thing. Sayumi and Airi want to go everywhere. But they know that they have to go one by on. So they decide to go buy a mask first. They choose the mask. But Sayumi have a problem with choosing a cool mask.

"Which mask I should choose?"

"Sayumi. This one look good."

"I should buy that one. Thanks Airi"

She grab the mask and pay the money. After that. They go to a little store that sell Water Balloon. They both a balloon. Sayumi choose a pink one and Airi choose a blue one and they walked away. They decide to buy food. They go all the food store and buy the food.

"Oh my god. The good is yummy"

"I really love the cotton candy"

"Airi, Let go to the net fishing counter"

They go to the net fishing counter and they try to catch some fish. But they fail a lot. 15 minute later. Sayumi successfully catch one fish and after that they decide to go home. After a hour later, They go back to their home.

The end

Story by: DJ HADE

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