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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DarkWorld: The Rising revolution Chapter 1

Once upon of time. There Darkworld rule by a king call Vlada and He and his noble are from undead clan. He extremely hate the people from Vampire clan and Warewolf clan. He put all the vampire and Warewolf clan member into his slave. In his other hand he have human noble to obey him, but they don't make them slave because Vlada knew that he need them for money and their protection. Suddenly, A day one of the warewolf clan member born a baby while the mother is awaking to warewolf. Her mother get killed before she fully turn into warewolf. Vlada is about to kill the baby, but he was wonder will the baby have a special ablity to control the warewolf power after he awaken to warewolf. So Vlada put him as a slave and named him "Lutobor". He is the guy who will burn down the undead clan with the combine force of vampire and Warewolf.

20 year later, Lutobot become a adult and the king find that he had a power strangth than his mother. Vlada use a neckleck to control his strangth. One day, After his training. he look up at Vlada, he see Vlada's daughter Sonja. At that memory, he starting to like Sonja.

A few month later. Souja lead a army into the forest. Suddenly, Sonja's hosue start be afraid because the forest is full of warewolf because they breakout the jail after they awaken. Suddenly, they surround Sonja. A minute later, She start to run back to the castle and the warewolf start to chase after her. In the castle. After Lutobot scene the present of the warewolf. He grab his bow and arrow up to the castle wall. At the warewolf near Sonja, Lutobot shot his arrow strike into the warewolf head. the warewolf fell and 2 other warewolf is trying to jump up to Sonja and She swing her sword slice off the warewolf head, Other warewolf shot down by Warewolf. She run into the castle. Vlada come.

"Sonja! What are you doing?"

"I just trying to check how much warewolf inside the forest."

"Don't do that next time and How dare you Lutobot to get weapon"

"Sorry. my lord I just trying to save the Princess"

"Guard! Get him to the Jail"

"Let him go. He saved me"

"Ok. No need to take it to the jail. Lutobot you are lucky for this time."

"My lord the human noble are coming"

Vlada return into the palace and get ready for the human noble. A few hour later. The Human noble enter the palace.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
Idea taken from: Underworld: The Rise of Lucian

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