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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Heart You chapter 3

Next Morning. I wake up. Reina tell me that she cook me some breakfast. I go to brush my teeth and go up to the living room and eat the breakfast.

Reina ask: Did you tell me that. you broke up with your girlfriend right?

I say: yea. i broke up with her

Reina sa So who is this?

*Reina open the door*

I see my ex-girlfriend. Takahashi Ai

I ask: Why are you here?

Ai say: Because I still like you

Reina ask: I through you broke up with you.

I say: I broke up with her through facebook

Reina say: on facebook.

Ai say: you cheat on two girl in a row. how you will solve this

*Reina and Ai use a baseball bat hi me and I fainted*

After a while. I wake up. I find out someone take off all my shirt and pant. I wonder what did they do with me. I go take a shower and wash off my the body. A while later. Reina and Ai come back. They buy me some dinner. I eat some. Ai say we have something to tell me.

Ai say: We decide to move to my house?

I ask: Why?

Reina say: Because we love you very much.

I say: Okay

We moved everything to my house. Monday. We are going to school. In the class. Something happen.

To be conutiune

Story by: Hade

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