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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I heart you chapter 4

When the class is in session. Suddenly Ai and Reina feel sick. They run out of the classroom into the washroom. Teacher tell me to look after them. I go and check them out and I see the fainted at the washroom. I get them to hospital. The doctor check them out and they need stay for 2 night. Doctor come to me and say.

Doctor say: They have your baby

I say: What. How

Doctor say: I jsut scan them. it true

I think and think. I finally why that my shirt and pant was take off after i fainted. I was so shocked and mad. I run to the room.

I ask: When I fainted do you do something to me?

Ai and Reina say: Sorry. you just too cute.

I say: I am a father now and I am underage. What I support to do

Reina say: We will help you.

I say: That not the point.

*I run out the door with my tear on my face*

I go back to my room. crying and crying. i don't know what to do. When i am eating my dinner. I feel alone because Ai and Reina is not here. So i feel lonely. But I jsut so mad at them. They turn me into a underage father. I take a shower after I eat my dinner and I go to sleep.

To be continue

Story by: Hade

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