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Friday, November 12, 2010

I heart you chapter 5(Final Chapter)

Next morning. I wake up. I see Ai and Reina look so sad. I say sorry to them. They say sorry to me. I decide to take care of them and find a job. A few week later. I find a job at a clothing store. I start working in there. I work monday to friday and weekend off. I work 8-10 hour. Monthly pay is around 15000 yen to 20000 yen. That will barely affort the money. After a few month later. i starting to save up the money. it is starting to stablize.

1 month later. The wedding ceremony is ready. There have so much classmate watching the ceremony. After the ceremony finish. We go to the wedding dinner. I drink so much. After the dinner. I was drunk. I sleep so hard. Next Morning. i wake up. My head is like in pain

Ai say: You drink too much yesterday

I say: Sorry for drinking that much

Reina say: Next time. Don't drink this much. I phone the school and Work that you are not going to work today. Just relax. You work so hard already

I Say: Ok

After that day. I feel the family is getting better. Ai and Reina is starting to be supportive. I start to thinkt aht have a family is not that bad.

9 month later. One day. I just comeback from work. I heard Ai and Reina screamin. They say that their stomach is so painful. They say the baby need to come out already. i phone the trunk and bring them to the hospital. They go into the surgey place. A few hour alter. the baby is born. I have a daughter and a song. They are so cute. After that. We live happily forever.

The End

Story: Hade

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