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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Heart chapter 1

Hi, My name is Alvin. I been in Japan for 5 year. I am at High school. Last year student. I have a girlfriend name is "Miyabi". She have a beautiful face, Brown eye. A cute lip and a pure long hair. I know her because we used to be friend. Then, We turn to be girlfriend and boyfriend. The friend that we always hand out with me is Airi and Momoko.

One day. When is After school. We go to shopping mall. We go to a lot of store. I buy some book and a hat. I buy a teddy bear and a skirt for Miyabi. After shopping. We decide to watch a movie. We choose what movie we watch. After a few minute. We decide to watch a movie call "Love story". At the end of movie. The girl start to cry because the main character die. After the movie.

I say: The end is really touching

Momoko say: I know I can't stop crying

Miyabi say: It suck that the main character die. Where should we go next?

I say: I'm Hungry.

Airi say: Let go find something to eat.

10 minute later. We go into a Thai restaurant. We order some food to eat. The time we we wait. We just Talk and talk. A few minute later. The food come. We jsut start to eat. The food is tasty. After 10 minute. We finish the food and pay the bill. After the food. We decide to go home. I decide to protect Miyabi to home. 25 minute later. I am at Miyabi's house. She go back inside. We say goodbye to each other. I walk back to home. After 20 minute later. I'm back to my home, take a hot bath and go to sleep. next Morning.

To be conutiune

Story: Hade

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