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Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart You chapter 1

My name is Alvin. I just move to Tokyo. I am a high school student and a international student. i live by myself. I moved everything into my house. I start unpacking my stuff. My new Neighbar give me some gift. It is some cleaning tool. I go into my house and start cleaning. 3 hour later. I finish cleaning. I decide to explore the city during the night. I walk and walk. I see a girl in the park on the swing and she look sad. She is really pretty. She has a sexy lip, A kitty hair, Strawberry Earring and She is pretty short. I go up to her.

I ask: Hi Lady! What your name and why are you sad?

*She slap me and my nose start to bleed*

She scream: Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!

*The police come in and ask what happen*

She say: This man is a pervert. He trying to get me have sex with him

I start to think: Oh crap! What did I just do!

Then, The Police take me to the custody. A hour later. my Auntie come to get me out of Custody. She tell me just chill out and get ready for school tomorrow. I go back to the house and go to sleep.

Next Morning. I wake up. i eat my breakfast and walk to school. The teacher being me to the class and Introduce me to everyone. I get to my sear and sit down. I see the girl that slapped me yesterday is sitting beside me. I am so suspirsed

*i point my finger at her*

I ask: Why are you here?

She say: Sorry about yesterday! My name is Reina tanaka

I say: I am not talking to you

At lunch. I am eatting my lunch on the school RoofTop by myself. Suddenly. Reina sit beside me.

I ask: Wha do you want?

Reina say: you are a chinese canadian right? You know I like to date forgin transfer student

*My face turn red*

After today. I am starting a weird relationshio with Reina. This is the girl will change my life forever. After lunch. We go back to class. Two and a half hour. It is after school.

To be conutiune

Story by: Hade

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