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Monday, October 11, 2010

I will protect you Saki Chapter 2

Oct.11.2010 I woke up. Saki told me she will being me to see her boss and she made me breakfast. The breakfast was yummy. 15 minute later. i went into school.

In the school. There have a lot of class. I got english, Math, Japanese, Science, P.E and Cooking. 2:00pm. It was after school. I saw Saki. Saki was going to being to saw the boss.

3:30pm. She being me to a warehouse. i saw her boss. Her boss is wearing so sort of sexy long coat with some sexy shirt in it. It like those slut. Her name is Sayaka. Sayaka told that she is a gang boss. Saki said I can't accept it. Then, Sayaka said we had the same goal right? Said something Alvin. I said 'it's okay. Saki go get your revenge". She hugged me. Sayaka said you two have seprate a while and I got a job for you. Go Spy on Saki's Auntie Nightclub. I went back to my rooom with my two helper named Reina and Nana. They will stay in my home.

6:30 pm. I was in my house. Nana and Reina was when i get found out and they will help me get away. They told me what to do inside.

Nana said: Don't drink too much and your code name is Hayata Shinji

I said: Okay!

Reina said: If they found out that you are a spy. We will help you get away.

After the conversation. I walked to the Disco. 7:10pm. I was at the disco and I entered into the disco.

To be contiune

Story by: Hade

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