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Monday, October 11, 2010

I will protect you Saki Chapter 1

My name is Alvin. I got badly injected at a bar at Tokyo. My girlfriend called help. But The doctor said my brain will badly got damage. I am not care about my brain because I happy to protect Saki.

1 Month before. I was just moved into a apartment in Tokyo. I moved from Canada to Tokyo. Then, The Neighborhood gift me some present. It was cleaning stuff. I started to cleaning the house. 3 hour later. I done finished my cleaning.

I decided to walk out and see the city. I walked everywhere. Suddenly. i was curious about a flyer because it is a nightclub, plus I just turn 18. So I decided to go in. Someone being me to a room and said my girl will be here soon. A minute later. The girl is here. Her name is Saki and she is 20 year old. She knew I am just turn 18. She tell me to wait outside and She will be off work fast.

I waited outside at the front of the nightclub. half hour later. I saw her come out and her boss shout at her. The boss raise is fist and punch at her. But I stood up for her and got hit. i fainted.
After a while. I don't know how long. i woke up and I saw she was so worried. The boss said sorry to both of us and Saki said she not working in there after tonight.

In the way. She held my hand

She said: Are you stupid. you can die from that.

I said: You are too beautiful and I can't let people to hit you. So I stood up for you

*Saki gave me a kiss*

I said: I love you and I will protect you forever.

A hour later. i am at Saki house and I being all my stuff to her house. She cooked something. She knew I am hungry. I ate and ate. 15 minute later. i finished our food. She went to take a bath. I was looking at the Tv. But the news is full of stupid stuff. So i closed the Tv. Suddenly, Someone knock at the door. It was a woman in black cloth and Their some man behide her.

She asked: Saki here?

I said: She is taking a bath

She asked: Are you her boyfriend? you look young. How old are you?

I said: i just turned 18 and I am her new boyfriend.

*Saki came out*

Saki ask: Why are you here?

The woamn said: my dear little newpie. Why are you being mean to me and your boyfriend look pure. He look childish and pure. You know what kinda person you are.

Saki said: Just walk out

*The woman walked out*

Saki said: She right. You are not supported to with me because I am in a gang. She is my auntie.

I said: It is okay. I will protect her.

Saki said: my auntie ill kill you. if you mess her up.

*I hugged her*

I said: it's okay. I will protect you forever even you are in a gang.

*We hugged each other*

After 2 minute. I getting ready for my school tomorrow. 10 minute later. I went to slept with Saki. I swear i will protect her.

To be conutine.

Story by: Hade.

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