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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Protongenoi vs Titan final chapter

At the battlefield. The titan decide to last stand. They don't think and just charged everyone. We said charge and we came out everywhere. But I didn't see any afraid of their eyes. 1 minute. Later we started to fought.

The solder was fought really hard. it is hard for our solder for a while. But we still out Number them. After a while. They are little bit tired and defeated. We saw the Titan decided to ran. It in our plan. 1 hour later. We made them into a city. They left 200 solder.

We decided to give them a fast attack. We used the heavy Capsule. they rock threw them and the solder was down fast. We climbed the wall and 1 minute later. We are on the wall. We fought and fought. After half hour. We opened the 4 gate easily and The titan still fought so hard. But 2 hour later. 6 Titan are down and the other 6 surrender.

The war is ended. The people had the peace time. Until now. We still through of the war and we live peace forever

The End

Story by: Hade

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