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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Protongenoi Vs Titan chapter 4

On the team 3 side. The Gods that led the army is Nyx, Pontos, Aethor, Tarutarus and Thalassa. After they got the message the quickly moved out of the forest. In the way. Olympian's Gods come to help us.

Nyx said: Why you help us?

Zesu said: Don't forget Chronos is my father. i am helping my father so.

Nyx said: Sorry forget about that. How much you being?

Zesu said: two hundred thousand

Thalassa said: We will win this!!!

The solder was so cheered up. When we about to moved out. The god from Oneiroi are helping the protongenoi. They already know about they will help them. The Oneiroi had three hundred fifty thousand solder. We are so happy. We started to move out. We all knew Titan was wrong.

On the other side. We been retrace. All the way But we had 2 more day until the mountain area. We fought are little bit and ran away a little bit. The Titan was already think they win and they used a bunch of shortcut to get me in a circle. But they were wrong. The first team of Oneiroi and Olympian is already in the back of them. second thing is when they got us in circle we were already in the mountain area and the back already cut off.

A few day later. they finally circle us. But After the Titan heard the news and the solder that hide in the mountain area got them in surprise. They started to worried and we got them in the circle. The Titan is angry.

Cronus said: No. This is not happening

Hyperion said: How came we been so blind

Crius said: it because we been winning forget the back.

Cronus said: We can still fight right. We never give up.

*They all nobbed*

Next day. The other team are gathered together. We have at least 10 million. We and the Titan were going to the battlefield. This will be our final battle.

To be contiune

Story: Hade

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