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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Protongenoi Vs Titan chapter 3

Two day later. The titan second and third team arrived to the border about to start invade our terriory. Our second team arrived. But our third team delayed because of a forest fire. Second team leader is Uranus, Chaos, Gaia and Chronos. We decided to defend the city of Edessa. After 2 hour Titan arrived to 10 mile of the city. Chronos decide to send Gaia and Erebon to attack the Titan. We gathered fourty thousand solder.

At the battlefield. I saw them at 3 mile of north ahead of us. We can't wait. We said "Charge". The solder charged. 2 minute later. We approched and we started combat. But after a while. We badly out number. We said "retrace". Everyone ran and ran. we ran back to the city.

The Titan started attcking the city right away. They shoot the stone with their casuplt. We shoot back and them. Their army climbed up to the all and we started close combat. We fought and fought. The Sunset. Titan leader said "retract" and they rectracted. Chronos was so frustrated because we ahve lot of dead and injected solder. We have fourty thousand is injected and ten thousand is dead. We discussed the sistuation

Chronos said: We can't keep this up.

Erebon said: I got a idea. But we need the other team to be here.

Gaia asked: What the plan?

Erebon said: We fake retract our solder each mile after each war. We retract to the mountain area and two team cut their back off and we ambrush them in the mountain area.

Chronos said: Good idea. the cut off will let the third team do it. I send them a message.

They all agreed. After the discussion. Chronos send a message to the third team and went to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story by: hade

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