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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protongenoi Vs Titan chapter 2

Next morning. We gathered all the solder for the war. The titan solder is on other side. The distance is around 1 mile. After 5 minute. We said 'Charge'. The drummer started drumming and send the signal. Once they heard it. They started charging.

4 minute. We start to close combat. The Gods are fighting so hard too. We are even for a while. but after a while we start to be losing. We said "retract". The drummer started to sent the signal. Everyone heard it. They started to ranl. We ran for half an hour. We entered the deepp valley. They chased after us. But after 15 minute. They found is a trip. But it was too late. we already roll the rock down. After 10 minute. We rolled the rock down. But still left at 2000 solder. The solder that lose in the war come back and killed them all. The first war is over.

On the other side. once them heard the news. They were so angry.

Mnemosyne say: Dam! First team is all dead. Who came out with that plan?

Crius said: We don't know yet. But i heard people said is Erebos

Theia said: We undermated Erebos. i through he don't have a brain. I guess he just hiding he true stragths for a long time.

Cronus said: Tchi! We should crashed them all ready. This is unexpected. But don't worry. we still have the two team with five hundred thousand solder. They just have four hundred thousand solder. We over number them.

The other 11 gods agreed with Cronus

Back to Protongenoi side. Suddenly. Nemsis, Hypons and Thanathos say they are come to join us. To get revenge for Charon. So we accpeted them to join, we have a welcome party and a party for defeating for their first team. That night. We drink so much wine. We had so much fun. After mid night. Everyone went to rest.

To be conutinue

Story by: Hade

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