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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protongenoi Vs Titan Chapter 1


Protongenoi is the god that create the Earth, They are the 1st generation of greek god

Titan is the god that rule over at golden age. 2nd age of greek god

Why Titan declare war on Protongenoi because they have diffence rule


The Story start

10 year before. The Protongenoi have a great war with the Titan and win the war. I win tell you the story now.

One day! The Protongenoi and the Titan had a big argument about Titan killed one of the God "Choron" and He was on Protongenoi side. They were arguing. The Titan is tired to hide the reason.

Cronus said: I kill him because he broke the rule

Gaia asked: What rule he broke?

Coeus said: He is in love with a Human

Nyx said: So what! That called love

Lapetos said: But he broke our rule

Tartarus said: But we didn't made the rule. he is our side

Themis said: I should say the trust. We hate Protongenoi and we declare war on you guys.

We all went back to mount Protongenoi. We gather our solder in the border betweet protongenoi and Titan. A few day later. The Titan started their move by invade out border with a army made of twenty thousand solder. After the first team. There 2 more team at least. The total of their solder is five hundred thousand solder. They had a strong force. But our first team is made up of ten thousand solder to defend the border. Behind the first team. we had 2 more team like the Titan. That made up of four hundred thousand solder. Choas, Erebom and Gaia lead the first team.

We camped at a little field in front of the border. Their camp was 3 mile in front of us. We all talked about the strategy. We all agreed with Erebon idea. The idea is we fake lose and we hide 2 team of army under a deep valley. When they went in roll the rock and ambush them all.

In the morning. The war had started

To be continue

Story by: Hade

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