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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hade heart got melt by Athena love power final chapter

4 day later! I was at the dinner place. I saw Athena was waiting for me. I sat across of her. There had a candle. it like those romantic restuant. That time. She already melted my icy heart a little bit already. Back on the story. I decided to let Athena order the food. Athena ordered a lot of food. The food I never ate those before. The resturant cook Russia food. So I can't wait to eat it.

The time that we were waiting. We talked a lot of stuff. At i found out she is really talkive and cute. My icy heart melted a big half. I started to like her.

15 minute later. The food come. we ate the food. On Gosh. the food was so yummy. The best dinner i never had before. I ate a lot in that night. After 2 hour. We finished eating. We paid the bill. I decided to protect Athena back to her house because I am a gentlemen. On the way.

Athena said: I have something to talk with you

*She gave me a kiss*

Athena said: Hade, I love you

This time my icy heart is really melted. My face turned really red

I say: Welll..... I don't know what to say. But I liked you when we are at the resturant. So it is a yes.

We start to held hand and after that happen we revealed our relathionship to the other god. They all shocked and congrations us. After a year. We were married. Now. We still have sweet time talking back that time. We have 4 children now. 2 son and 2 daughter. We live happily forever

The end

Story by: Hade

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