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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forever love chapter 7

After a while. I wake up. I find out that I slept in Atsuko's knee and she fall at sleep too. I wake her up.

Atsuko say: Good Morning.

I say: Good Morning to you too.

After it. I brush my teeth. 15 minute later. I go to the dinner table and start eating our breakfast. After the breakfast. I go to school with Atsuko.

After school. I go to the disco and start my work. Atsuko go to the warehouse and start shipping the drug to everywhere. Sell it.

Suddenly. Atsuko's mom come in and talk to me privately.

Atsuko's mom say: I decide to make a drug produce hide out in here.

I say: But. What if we get caught.

Atsuko say: It won't happen.

I say: I trust you.

She show me the room. I see a lot of the chemical room. I see Saki and Sayaka.

*She put the chemical in the juice and she hang the drink to me*

I ask: What is this?

Sayaka say: You know what is it.

I say: No thanks. I Don't want to drink this.

Saki say: You scaried?

*I didn't reply her*

Atsuko's mom say: Stop it.

*They stopped it*

Suddenly. Atsuko come in. I hugged her. Atsuko start tell everyone. what is her plan is. After a while. She let Ayumi do the drug produce line. Ayumi is one the best gang boss in the gang.

Ayumi say: So this is the boy that everyone talking about.

Atsuko say: This is the boy.

Saki say: He suck.

Atsuko say: Don't say to him like that.

* I walked out and Atsuko followed me*

Atsuko say: Don't be angry.

I Say: I am not. Maybe I need to show them. What I can do.

Atsuko say: That right. i have to go back to warehouse now. Bye!

I say: Bye.

I stayed in the disco for a while. 2 hour later. I walked out of the disco and walk back to my home. in the way. I see a lot of good thing and I buy them all. But I walk and walk. I know there have someone following me.

I say: Just come out.

*there have someone walked out. it is a girl.

I ask: What do you want?

The girl say: I am the boss of Maeda clan. My name is Aiko

I say: So what do you want?

Aiko say: I want to join our gang.

I say: i am not interested.

*she come close to me*

Aiko ask: Why? you just doing disco. do you want to do drug?

I say: i am not interested.

Aiko say: Fine!

*She walked away*

After a while. i walked back to home. I jsut take a shower with Atsuko and go to sleep.

To be contiune

Author: Setsuna
Made up story

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